Our Goal

Mental health problems account for a quarter of all illness yet receive only six percent of UK research funding, with personality disorders and autism being especially under-funded research areas. We want to invest in more and higher quality mental health research to help improve peoples lives.


To fund vital research on personality disorders, autism and complex mental  health needs to help people live happy, healthy lives.

Mission Statement

Lindsay campaigned on personality disorders, autism and complex mental health needs because she lived and died with them. Our aim is to identify effective ways of helping those with similar problems.                                                                         We will:

  • commission much needed research on these hugely underfunded topics
  • ensure the research is founded upon the needs of people living with personality disorders, autism and/or complex mental health needs
  • increase understanding
  • promote better responses, treatments and outcomes
  • lobby for policy and practice changes to help more people live happy, healthy lives

We are working with the McPin Foundation, as they are experienced in conducting mental health research that puts people with lived experience of mental health problems at the heart. Together we will engage people, clinicians and professionals to refine the research scope, ensure it is relevant to the wider research landscape and has a positive impact on improving experiences of mental health care.

We plan to fundraise between April and June 2020. In July we will refine the research scope based on the amount we raise and wider research priorities.

Every penny we raise will go to a restricted fund hosted by McPin Foundation, who will provide research expertise and administrative support. We will have regular reviews and will share updates with our donors on how the money is being spent and any research findings.

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Small JPEG_white backgroundThe McPin Foundation is a mental health research charity. They seek to improve mental health in communities everywhere by improving the quality, relevance and impact of mental health research. Registered Charity No.1117336